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hollow burl cubes


Please click on the images for a more detailed view.

Each of my Hollow Cube Sculptures uses pieces cut from the same burl. The resin cast sides are about 3/8" thick, leaving the center hollow with the bulbous burl form entering the interior space.

The translucent material is dyed polyurethane resin and mica-powder -for an iridescent effect.  The principal exercised here is that a minimalist exterior contrasts the visible chaotic interior, while that interior is actually the tree's original outer form. Geometry and randomness are opposing truths blended here. 

The cubes measure about 6" along the flats, 9" wide, and stand 12" tall. The bases are solid steel. First cube is West Texas Mesquite burl, second and third are maple burl. 

$750 each (Purple Cube: $500)

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