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the outpouring

The Outpouring Night 1c.jpg

Please click on the images for a more detailed view.

"The Outpouring" stands in front of The Valley Hotel in Homewood, AL (greater Birmingham area) and is a tribute to the steel making industry in the region that brought wealth and prosperity to Birmingham. Standing 25 feet tall, my design shows a crucible tipping and pouring molten steel that ascends higher than it was poured, representing industrial and technological progress begining from this important origin. The upward wing hints at an airplane wing or wind sail, and the gear form suggests driven motion and power transmission. 

The entire skin is made of Corten Steel, a weathering steel that develops a surface patina yet endures the outdoors indefinitely. The gear portion is coated with automotive clear urethane after sandblasting to preserve a clean metal look. The bolt heads are made of stainless steel, and silicone bronze was used to represent glowing hot metal emitting from the crucible. The armature to "The Outpouring" is rolled I-beam; 10" x 10" and 6.5" x 8".  Here is the first of the 3 part video series documenting the sculpture's creation.

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