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The Centurion

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“The Centurion” is sculpted from cherry wood. The large three-foot diameter tree fell during a thunderstorm that hit Rockford, Illinois several years ago, and offered the perfect size trunk to scale a nearly life-size abstraction of a human form.


There is a unique dualism seen in “The Centurion”, having a face on each side of its head, and an upper frontal torso belonging to each face. The outreaching hand combined with the emotion of its upward looking face capture his condition of despair.

The original centurion is a man who was quoted in the gospels for saying one sentence, “This man surely was the Son of God”, after he had given orders to crucify this man, he would then recognize Him as the one who could offer the antidote for the sins of world, including his own.


This dualism is exemplary of each of us individually.



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