The New Covenant

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This is one of the most meaningful of my sculptures, displaying a 2,000 year old symbol that was lost for many centuries until 1990. I’ve been to the archeological location where these were found, near the tomb of King David in Jerusalem (pictured).The design combines the Jewish menorah and the Messianic icthus (original symbol of gentile Christians. Looks like a fish) creating the Star of David as they meld. The controversial symbol proves Jewish roots to Christendom, being found on sixty artifacts in the underground church of James the brother of Jesus, son of Joseph (King David’s lineage). The seven lamped menorah of Judaica also represents Eden’s “Tree of Life”. Followers of Jesus are considered “grafted in” according to the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans (11th chapter).


A “new covenant” is described by the prophet Jeremiah (chapter 31:31-34) where God’s spirit will one day live inside the hearts of mankind, and they will no longer relate to Him based on religion and its laws.


The wood is Brown Mallee from Australia. The stone inlays are translucent aqua colored fluorite which represents water, translucent orange alabaster representing fire, and a stone my wife and I collected while hiking in the French Alps in 2010 that here represents earth.


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