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Since the beginning of creation, the signature of an Artist has been clearly seen in all things. Nature’s constructs may find explanation through science, but science can’t tell us whether something is beautiful or not.


The inherent mystic beauty of the natural world was delivered with intention.

Our desire to observe is simply presupposed: we don’t question the attraction seen in the setting of the sun, or the form of a woman.


My heart, my thoughts, and my feelings are guides as I bring to fruition the art of my imagination. We, ourselves are a product of the Artist’s imagination, and our ability to create is but a reflection of these qualities grafted into us.


As I sow love into what I create, a better understanding for the love the Creator has for us is found.


When others find beauty in what I’ve created, they are helping create me., Salem Barker, Salem Barker Fine Art Sculptures
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