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Please click on the images for a more detailed view.

This sculpture began as a concept in my sketchbook last year. As a boy I spent a lot of time exploring at the river near our home, and would study found objects like stones, minerals, clam shells, bones, etc. If I found them interesting, I would put them in a bucket, take them home to clean and place on display in my bedroom. I liken this concept to today's experiences with art collectors, whose pursuit of especially interesting items draws an excitement of its own. This piece captures that curious gatherer's activity, while being that very object.

Redwood is the main species, the bucket is Australian Brown Mallee burl, its handle is oak crotch grain, and the bottom piece that disguises the steel support rod is Australian White Top burl. The sculpture stands 26" tall, 13.5" wide, and 6" deep.


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