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From Seed to the Senses

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"From Seed to the Senses" is permanently located at Bell's Brewery in Galesburg, Michigan. (Better photos coming soon.) From a single mass of American elm wood a concept of the beer brewing process is conveyed, having six vertically traveling bodies that are connected only at the top and bottom of the sculpture. Three legs move upward and combine in a twist, forming two fountain heads; (1) core beer making materials, barley and hops, (2) the immense technological industrial facets of mass brewing, and (3) the final seasonings added to quality craft beer, represented by logos of Bell's signature beers. The three downward flowing movements represent the product: beer. The start of all brewing ingredients is ultimately seed, with the finality solely for sensual indulgence -hence the title. A parallel craft is wood sculpture, originating from seed and solely for enjoyment.


Photos of the Unveliling

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